Thompson and Walton was originally formed in 1903 by Joe Thompson and has been manufacturing wire straightening and cutting machines since 1911.

Joe’s first design was a crane that was made of iron and steel and at the end of World War I, Joe Thompson started to produce a new line of machinery. His first wire straightening and cutting machine was developed and most of his orders came from the Sheffield and Birmingham areas.

George M Thompson (Joe Thompson’s son) joined the Company when he was still only 14 in 1922. 

In 1926, Mr. Munroe, a designer by trade, joined forces with Joe Thompson and the Company became known as Thompson & Munroe Limited. Between them they designed the first high speed straightening and cutting machines.

In 1988 the range of machines produced by Hudson Forge Ltd was incorporated by bringing the two companies together to their present form. The new name Thompson & Hudson Wire Machinery brings together 119 years of experience in wire straightening, cutting and forming machines and the company continues to supply machines all over the World.

Paul M Thompson (George Thompson’s son) joined the Company in 1967 and continued to grow the business to over 1200 customers up until his retirement in 2017.

In 2015 the company was acquired by the current owners and continues to serve the worldwide wire industry from blue chip international groups to specialist manufacturers and niche firms.

1911-First Straightening and Cutting machine